Maximum Impact Professionals / Unlocking work-life potential in 90 days


If you’re serious about making a differencein your work and life in terms of productivity, balance, effectiveness, and if you are prepared to allow yourself to step into your potential, then Impact Coaching is the answer you’ve been waiting for.
Wait not longer!

ImpactCoaching is our standard package which most professionals prefer. It includes a full year of membership, and gives youindividual coaching sessions three times a month on average for the whole year!

Here’s the maths. If you’re on the average professional’s salary where 9% is invested in super for your retirement, are you prepared to invest less than half that in yourself for just one year to live your best NOW and forever?

There is no quick fix or one size fits all, and so ImpactCoaching provides adequate catch up time and accountability with your Coach whilst you continue to work independently on Surveys and Impact Tools, as well as doing TeleSeminars and regularly posting on your own Forum.

The acclaimed Motivations Profiling Surveyhas
already been completed by more that 1.5 million people and is also included in this package.Whether you are an employer who invests in your people with training and coaching, or a professional who wants to proactively invest in your own future, or even one who is serious about working holistically with an experienced professional Coach on key life issues, Impact Coaching is the package for you. If you prefer less contact with your coach, consider ImpactLite

To invest in Impact Coaching “

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