Meet Marjorie

“Marjorie has a keen ability to quickly grasp business objectives, and develop programs that suit different clients’ objectives and work environments.  She has a deep network, and is a master at making strong and rewarding connections.  Marjorie seamlessly creates calm out of chaos, which has allowed new Plan initiatives to beautifully
succeed without stress
on the business” – NY Times Best Selling Author of The Plan,  Lyn-Genet Recitas

 “Marjorie has been a great support to me.  She is truthful; she listens and gently challenges me.  She is a fine example to me of what a health coach should be.  I am grateful for her help with my health concerns and with achieving my goal weight; she has helped me to arrive at a new and good place in my life.  Truthfully, I would not be where I am today had it not been for Marjorie.  Thank you Marjorie!”  — FRP

“Marjorie innately understands and adapts to the needs of varied clients in a compassionate, insightful and sensitive way.  Whether it for an individual or group, she creates customized strategies to meet each customer’s needs, gently guiding people to see new paths where they can achieve small successes along the way.  Marjorie acts as both mentor and cheerleader, never losing sight of the client’s desire to learn and grow. She is magical at helping people achieve their full potential!” – NY Times Best Selling Author of The Plan,  Lyn-Genet Recitas

“you (Marjorie) are a very calming soul. I loved brainstorming with you and I appreciate your helping me shape my thinking about what to do next in my career.” — FS

“Thanks for your time, effort and energy! You’ve really made an enormous positive difference.” — PS

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